Car Recycling

We are Your Friendly Car Recycling Specialists

By selling your car to us at Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, not only will you get good cash but also be helping in enriching the car spare parts ecosystem. This is because we are car recycling specialists in Australia aiming to fulfil the needs of old or second-hand car owners unable to find spare parts for their vehicles.

Indeed, if a car becomes very old, getting the damaged component as a replacement can be difficult because the models go out of production. But as seasoned car wreckers, we take out the components from old cars that are still functional. Then, we sell them to mechanics or our clients who are seeking replacement of the parts.

Old Car Recycling by Experts

Production of more and more car spare parts undoubtedly causes more carbon emissions and puts pressure on the supply and distribution. Moreover, the demand for car spare parts has increased and is still increasing day by day. But since we carry out old car parts recycling in Australia, we have been able to meet the requirements of many of our clients who are not getting the parts since the vehicle model is no longer in production.

The recycling process of the car parts is done by our expert car removalists. They have years of experience in recycling vehicles, and they separate the useable components carefully. These include car tyres, engine oil, glass in windscreen and windows, batteries, engine, transmission, etc. Also, after gathering the components, they dispose of the remaining junk in an eco-friendly way.

Why Choose Our Auto Recyclers?

If you are searching for the best company that provides auto recycling in Australia, it’s time to choose Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd since
  • We remove old and scrap cars safely before we start recycling the parts inside
  • We recycle all the useful parts in a vehicle
  • We recycle parts of all car models and brands
  • Our recyclers determine the price of your vehicle by carefully inspecting the parts inside
  • Our car recyclers are friendly and reach your location on time for the inspection
So, if you want good cash for your old or scrap car, sell it to us so that we can recycle the components again.
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