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Are you losing your night’s sleep over your scrap car, now that it is bleeding fuel and is a mere junk of uncouth metals in the garage of your Brisbane home? You must get rid of it without any delay and for that, you need to hire a reputed company that offers prompt and perfect car recycling service in Brisbane.

What better name can you hire than Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd? With years of experience and some of the best professionals in the industry, we are your one stop solution, when it comes to offering prompt same day, old car removal service. Another mainstay of our service is that, besides removal of the old, scrap cars, we also offer eco-friendly old car recycling in Brisbane, so much so that your old, scrap car does not contribute to carbon footprint.

We offer one of the simplest and fastest scrap car recycling service in Brisbane

Simplicity has always been the signature of our service. In other words, when you need to get rid of your scrap car and have it recycled, all you need to do is to call us up and let us know about the condition of your car, it’s age and condition. Our car recycling specialist in Brisbane will offer you a quote depending on your information. Once you oblige, we will pay a visit at your place and will take a hard look at your car. Accordingly, we hand over the cost that you truly deserve and tow away the vehicle immediately.

Therefore, there is no waiting, fiddling with cumbersome paperwork, broken promises or any delay in the towing away of your car.

We have at our disposal the best and the most impeccably maintained tow trucks driven by the best local drivers, who will tow away your car in an eco-friendly way.

We are the best Auto Recyclers in Brisbane

We have an association with the most competent junkyard with provision of some eco-friendly recycling of your car, which makes sure your car doesn’t contribute to any carbon footprint.

And we do not delay – rather would opt for same day recycling to minimise your car’s impact on the environment. Thus, we are supposedly the best and the most professional auto recyclers in Brisbane. And we never charge any extra cost for it.

What are the salient Features of our Old Car Recycling Brisbane?
  • Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd is a fully insured company and all our old car recycling specialists in Brisbane are licensed and are well conversant with the latest tools and technology that are used for auto recycling.
  • We offer same day service, with minimum fuss and this makes us the most seamless auto recycling service in Brisbane.
  • We not only offer the best price, right on the spot for your scrap car, we never charge any surprise and undisclosed deduction.
  • And we recycle everything – not just a sedan or SUV. We recycle old trucks, buses, trailers and the likes, which are old and redundant, scrap and beyond use, accident or flood damaged.
Thus, at Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd we are your one stop auto recycling solution in Brisbane for sure.
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