Car Recycling Adelaide

Expert Scrap and Old Car Recycling Service in Adelaide

Since an old and scrap vehicle generates a carbon footprint, the best solution is to sell it out. However, if you are in Adelaide, you can contact a wrecker and get it removed. But if you are confused about whom to get in touch with, Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd is the company that can meet your requirements. This is because of the old car recycling service in Adelaide that we provide.

As experienced wreckers, we strive to save the environment by reducing carbon emissions during the wrecking and removal process. Additionally, while disposing of cars, we adhere to the local rules and guidelines.

The Mechanism of Our Auto Recycling Service in Adelaide

In our auto recycling service in Adelaide, we recycle components of cars efficiently. For that, we inspect cars first and assess their make. It’s only after that do we offer the estimate to our clients. After that, if the client obliges, we complete the paperwork, give the cash and tow away the vehicle on the same day.

After purchasing your car, we will bring it to our wrecking yard where our auto recyclers in Sydney will dismantle it carefully, take a thorough look at the components and keep those that can be recycled.

While dismantling the vehicle, our car recycling specialists in Sydney will separate out the suspensions, batteries, tyres, brakes and other components that are in good condition. After that, our wreckers will dispose of the rest using certain tools to attain the metal from the car’s body.

While performing the recycling process, our Adelaide auto recyclers make sure that they are following all the safety measures to minimise carbon emissions. Moreover, they stay attentive since accidents or other hazards can occur especially when they are removing the fuel and other liquids from the car such as coolants, anti-freeze, etc.

Vehicles We Recycle in Adelaide

In our Adelaide car recycling service, we recycle components of not just cars but other vehicles that include

  • Trucks
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • UTEs
Thus, if you are planning to sell your vehicle in Adelaide, get good cash in your hand and contribute to the car component ecosystem, connect with Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd today.
Some Features of Our Adelaide Auto Recycling Service
Choose our Adelaide auto recycling service since
  • We are a licensed and insured auto wrecking company offering cash for cars
  • We remove cars on the same day using our special equipment
  • You can expect to get cash on the spot for your vehicle from us
  • Before purchasing your vehicle, we prepare the paperwork
So, if you want cash by selling your car, call us now.
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