Car Recycling Canberra

Eco Friendly Old, Scrap Car Recycling Service in Canberra

Are you concerned about the carbon footprint that your old, scrap car might be contributing to? Don’t worry, if you are in Canberra – for you have Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd. around. We are one of the most reliable names offering same day old car removal for cash, which also includes eco friendly car recycling service in Canberra.

We are home to some of the most qualified and experienced experts, offering removal, dismantling and recycling of old, scrap cars with the help of the latest state of the art technology. This ensures that your old car has zero contribution to carbon footprint.

How does our old car recycling in Canberra work?

Promptness and simplicity have always been the two most important USPs of our car removal service in Canberra. Things start with your cold contact with us, whereby you let us know about the age, condition, make and model of your old car. Depending upon your information we offer you a tentative quote.

Once you agree to it and fix a schedule, we turn up, take a hard look at your vehicle, pay you the cash that you rightfully deserve for your car and tow away the vehicle free, immediately.

Then, we will take the vehicle to our junkyard and dismantle and recycle the car at the earliest, with the help of our highly qualified car recycling specialists in Canberra, using the latest, cutting edge tools and technology.

Thus, with the use of state of the art technology, our scrap car recycling in Canberra along with the ancillary services have always been eco friendly, and as per the local norms and regulations.

Our old car Recycling in Canberra Involves Everything

One of the most important aspects of old car recycling in Canberra offered by Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd is that it involves everything. We recycle cars of every make and model, age and condition. So if you have an old, scrap, redundant vehicle, or the one that has been deemed unfit and unsafe to ply, or if it has been accident-damaged or floor damaged beyond repair, we are your one stop solution. The vehicles we recycle include:
  • Trucks
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • UTEs
What are the USPs of our scrap car recycling service in Canberra?
We have at our disposal some of the most qualified auto recyclers in Canberra who will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the entire operation is carried out in an eco friendly way. Besides:
  • We are a fully insured company with all our experts being bonded and licensed.
  • We offer same day removal, followed by the earliest dismantling and recycling. service to ensure there is no negative impact of your dead vehicle on the ecosystem.
  • You get the best cash, right on spot that justifies the condition of your vehicle.
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