Car Recycling Sydney

Efficient Scrap and Old Car Recycling Service in Sydney

The more you keep your unwanted car lying on your property, the more carbon footprint it will generate. But if you are in Sydney and want to get rid of the vehicle and reduce the footprint, you have Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd with you. We not only remove cars for cash but also help save the environment by making the components of your car reusable.

Thus, if you are looking for a car recycling service in Sydney, you are at the perfect destination where the best wreckers will be recycling the parts of your old or scrap vehicle. And they will do so using the latest tools and technologies.

How Does Our Auto Recycling Service in Sydney Work?

Our auto recycling service in Sydney simply said, is one of a kind. That’s because before we recycle the components, we inspect your car and note down its age, model and make. Then, we offer a quote for the vehicle. If you oblige with the same, we will initiate the paperwork, give you the cash and remove your vehicle for free.

After you sell your car to us, we will bring it to our junkyard where our auto wreckers in Sydney will carefully dismantle it, examine the components minutely and separate them so that they can be recycled again.

Some of the components that our car recycling specialists in Sydney specifically focus on are the tyres, suspensions, batteries, brakes and a few accessories that are still in good shape. Finally, once everything has been completed, our wreckers dispose of the rest using heavy equipment to attain recyclable metal.

The component recycling process is performed by our auto recyclers in Sydney safely to inimize carbon emissions. At the same time, they take the necessary safety precautions to avoid accidents or other hazards.

Vehicles Included Under Our Sydney Car Recycling Service

In our Sydney old and scrap car recycling service, not only do we recycle the auto parts from cars but we also reprocess components of

  • Trucks
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • UTEs
So, if you are looking to sell a vehicle in Sydney and get handsome cash in your hand out of it, Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd should be your only choice.
Some USPs of Our Sydney Auto Recycling Service
A few reasons why our Sydney auto recycling service is the most chosen by our clients is because
  • We are an insured, bonded and licensed auto wrecking company
  • Before recycling the components of your car we will remove them on the same day for free
  • We always provide cash on the spot for vehicles and prepare the paperwork before we can bring it in for recycling
Thus, if you have a vehicle that you need to sell and get cash for its components, connect with us now.
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