Cash For Unwanted Cars

Highest Cash For Unwanted Junk, Scrap Cars

Is your old car eating up a lot of space? Tried to connect with car buyers but not getting the desired deal? Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd can help you free up space with quick and convenient car removal in Australia. Our auto haulers will arrive at your doorstep, inspect the in and out of your vehicle and offer highest cash for unwanted cars in Australia. Whether your vehicle is engine-dead, smashed or damaged, we buy cars irrespective of the make, model and brand and tow your vehicle for free. Schedule a free car pick up now!

A junk car sitting idle in your yard is not only an eyesore but detrimental to the health of the surrounding environment. Fumes released from rust infested car parts, brake fluids etc., get decomposed into the soil and cause great harm to the ecosystem, if not removed on time. At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, we curb the environmental impact by providing eco-friendly car removal against top cash for junk cars in Australia. Our skilled wreckers inspect the in and out of your vehicle and dismantle functional components from the mainframe for auto recycling. Customer satisfaction is our top-most priority and we put our best efforts to make it happen.

Quick & Convenient Car Removal with Zero Fuss

Taking a junk car physically to a scrap yard is not only strenuous but cumbersome. We understand your concern of dealing with a junk car and offer safe and hassle-free car removal to make the job effortless. Our auto experts come equipped with latest equipment and dismantle usable components to make them available to buyers looking for genuine car parts. Connect with us and experience hassle-free car removal against lucrative cash for scrap cars in Australia.
Why Wreck With Us?
  • Fully insured & licensed
  • Certified auto haulers
  • Hassle-free towing
  • Eco-friendly car disposal
  • Highest cash payment
  • Move any load
  • Same-day car removal
Why deal with a junk car when we can remove it with least fuss? Book an appointment with us and turn your junk vehicle into hot cash instantly!