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Did you know that the car that is lying in your garage or backyard for so many years can cause harm to your health? This is because old or scrap metal can cause poisoning. Moreover, even though it’s not running, it’s still contributing negatively to the environment. So, it’s best to get rid of it, and there can be no better company other than Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd to do the job since we provide free car disposal services in Australia.

You read that right. We do not charge you anything for the disposal of your old or unused car. All you need to do is reach out to us and schedule an inspection. Then, our professionals will reach your destination, inspect the vehicle and initiate the removal process. Also, if your car is old but the components inside are in a good condition, we will provide you with the appropriate cash amount on the spot.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Car Disposal

We dispose of cars of all brands and models safely and following methods that help reduce carbon emissions. Also, as acclaimed car wreckers in Australia, we remove the parts from the vehicle that can be reused along with the ones that are known to amplify environmental pollution if they are left in the car during the disposal process. In fact, it is this climate consciousness that has made us a popular company providing car disposal.

At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, not only do we dispose of your vehicle, we carry out car removal in Australia as well, and that too for free. Moreover, we remove your old or unused car taking all the safety precautions and complying with the car removal guidelines. So, after selling your vehicle to us, you don’t have to worry about further investments.

Why Choose Our Car Disposal Service?

By choosing the service, not only will you get good cash for your car, you will be helping in the recycling of its parts as well. Besides,
  • Our disposal service is free and safe
  • The disposal process is eco-friendly which keeps carbon emission in control
  • Before disposal, we inspect your car thoroughly and provide cash for it on the spot
  • Our professionals carrying out the car disposal services are friendly
  • We always reach your destination on time to pick up the vehicle to be disposed of
If you have further queries related to our car disposal or removal service, call us now.
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