Car Recycling Hobart

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling in Hobart – Dispose Old Cars with Zero Carbon Footprint

Car recycling in Hobart is important for vehicles that have reached the end of its lifecycle or lost roadworthiness. Vehicles that are old, accidental, unwanted, used or scrap release toxic fumes and obnoxious smell that poses a threat to the environment and pollutes the soil. Auto recycling has gained predominance over the years to curb the environmental impact caused by scrap cars and reduce landfill waste. If your car is engine-dead or obsolete, it’s better to hire car recycling specialist in Hobart and dispose it off in an eco-friendly manner.

At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd we have been dominating the industry with prompt and fuss-free car recycling services for years and providing top-dollar cash for cars irrespective of the make, model and brand. Our auto dismantlers are well aware of the environmental effects that come with junk car wrecking and to prevent pollution, they remove waste that ends up at various landfill sites seamlessly. It’s never been easy to get rid of a junk car in an eco-friendly manner other than wrecking and old car recycling in Hobart. We provide 24-hour car removal services Hobart-wide and if you are willing to free up space, schedule a free car pick up today!

How Does Car Recycling Process Work?

We follow a holistic approach to car recycling where we begin by inspecting the in and out of the vehicle and determining the condition of car parts. Both working and obsolete parts are labelled with their current condition and this is done in order to determine whether the vehicle qualifies for auto recycling in Hobart or not. After inspection, our junk car buyers drain all fluids from the interiors such as gasoline, lubricants, grease, brake, and transmission fluids that may otherwise get absorbed into the soil and pollute the inground water.

Before dismantling the main engine, all these fluids are stored and the harmful ones are disposed off safely. However, not all components are useless. Some workable parts can be easily repaired. Our auto recyclers in Hobart fix car components that sustain minor damage and trade in those parts as well. The leftover parts are then recycled for further use.

Hassle-Free Car Removals by Licensed Auto Recyclers

At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, we follow strict policies during car recycling in Hobart and make sure not a single piece of metal or plastic ends up in landfill sites. Regardless of the make, model and extent of damage, we buy junk cars and ensure they are beaten without any environmental impact. We are licensed auto recyclers who follow safe wrecking techniques and simply strip a vehicle, including its parts, to recycle precious metals. We salvage cars along with various components while offer scrap car recycling in Hobart of other car components in a safe and hassle-free manner. Green auto recycling is what we focus on and pay the highest cash that your vehicle truly deserves.

How Can You Benefit from Car Recycling in Hobart?
  • Same-day car pick up from any location
  • Quick and fuss-free removals
  • Eco-friendly car dismantling techniques
  • Upfront quotes
  • Fair valuations
  • Certified car appraisers
  • No hassle of paperwork
  • Same-day cash payments
  • Registered/unregistered car disposal
  • Free towing
Car Scrapping & Recycling Against Market-Soaring Cash
Earn from every piece of your useless junk car simply by placing us a call! Our auto recyclers in Hobart are always ready on their toes to provide you with fuss-free car removal services. Free up the clutter today and call us for quick quotes!