Cash For Old Cars

Best Cash for Old and Used Cars Service

If you are planning to sell off your old car but cannot yet find a company that provides cash for old and used cars in Australia, it’s time to get in touch with us at Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd since we buy vehicles of all brands and models. Moreover, we provide you with the right amount of cash and never give you a reduced amount as many others do.

We are the most trusted car wreckers and recyclers since we provide what we promote. That means rest assured you will get a good cash amount by selling your car. Besides, we hand over the cash for your old car on the spot.

Selling Your Second-Hand Car is Now Simple

Indeed, with us, getting good cash forsecond-hand cars in Australia is now easy. This is because we prepare the documents required to sell the car on your behalf, thus saving you time and energy. Also, to provide you with the exact cash amount, our professionalswill inspectyour car first. They will check the components and overall condition of the car because the price depends on these factors.

After the inspection, our inspectors will provide you with the amount, and if you agree to it, they will hand it over to you on the spot and call in the tow trucks to remove your car. But regarding the removal, if you are concerned about the cost, don’t be, becausewe offer free car removal services for all of our clients.

We are also considered the best company providing cash for old cars in Australiasince we remove your car on the same day taking the necessary safety guidelines. Also, we dispose of your old and unwanted car in an environment-friendly way.

USPs of Our Cash for Old and Used Car Service

Some of the salient features of our cash for old or second-hand carservices include
  • On spot cash for your used car after the inspection
  • Free removal of the second-hand car by our drivers
  • Preparing the paperwork to simplify the selling process for the old car
  • Towing your car safely and following the necessary guidelines
  • Disposing of the unnecessary parts of your vehicle in an eco-friendly way
So, to get fast cash out of your old and unused car, sell it to us today.
Get Quote for Old Second Hand Cars Online
To get a free quote for old second-hand cars online from Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, visit our website and click the ‘Get a Quote’ button. But to book an inspection by our experts, just give us a call.