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Car Disposal Services in Hobart

The more you keep your scrap vehicle lying on your property, the more you are contributing to carbon and emission of other gases that can be detrimental to health. Additionally, the chemicals that get emitted from these vehicles are also poisonous. On the other hand, mould growth on the surface of your vehicle can make things worse since they can spread through the air and get inside your body when you are breathing. After that, it can cause allergies or other diseases. So, disposing of the junk car lying in your backyard or garage is important. In this scenario, you can get in touch with Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd since we offer free car disposal services in Hobart.

We have the best wreckers with us who will systematically remove the vehicle from your property using the right equipment attached to the tow trucks. Besides, these trucks are driven and operated by expert drivers. So, rest assured that your car will be safely removed before the disposal process.

Systematic Car Disposal Process

Apart from organised removal, our car disposal service in Hobart is one of a kind since it involves little or no carbon emissions that might affect the environment. Moreover, to minimise the emissions, our wreckers will inspect the car after bringing it to our wrecking yard. They will reassess the metal and components, and take out the latter that can be recycled and dispose of the unnecessary using specific machinery.

During the car disposal process, our wreckers will follow all the necessary steps attentively to minimise environmental damage. However, since they are highly experienced, they will not be committing any mistakes. Therefore, to get your vehicle disposed of by our experts, get in touch with us now.

Why Choose Our Hobart Car Disposal Service

Schedule an appointment with Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd to dispose of your car in Hobart since

  • We wreck and remove vehicles of all brands and models safely
  • We dispose of vehicles on the same day following the necessary guidelines
  • Before disposal of the useless components, we take out those that are fit for recycling
  • We use state of the art equipment for final car disposal to minimise environmental impact

After you book our service, our wreckers will reach your place on time to remove your car carefully.

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