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Free Car Disposal Services in Sydney

By keeping the unwanted vehicle on your property, you are simply contributing to an increased carbon footprint. That’s because chemical evaporation is constantly taking place from the scrap car. This chemical can cause plenty of health hazards. Besides, if the car’s surface consists of mould, the particles can easily spread through the air and cause allergies. Thus, disposing of the vehicle is undoubtedly the need of the hour. To do that, however, schedule an appointment with Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd since we offer free car disposal services in Sydney.

For removing your car safely, we will be using our top-notch tow trucks that are driven by expert drivers. While towing, they will follow all the necessary steps and comply with the local rules and regulations while removing the vehicles.

Simplified Disposal of all Cars

Our car disposal service in Sydney is free of the hassles that you would otherwise face when working with an inexperienced company. In our service, we always give cash for cars after preparing the paperwork. After that, we check the vehicle thoroughly one last time where we see whether you have left anything inside. Apart from that, we also check if the car is leaking fuel, or whether its parts have become unstable. Finally, on completion of the inspection, our drivers attach their tow trucks with the vehicle accurately and drive the vehicle away.

Our tow truck drivers bring your vehicle to our junkyard where our auto part specialists in Sydney dismantle your vehicle and segregate the parts that will be recycled. They perform this entire process using specific tools and technologies. But during the same, they do the needful with care to inimize the impact on the environment.

Why Choose Our Sydney Car Disposal Services?

We will dispose of your car in Sydney without causing carbon emissions. Also, choosing is the best option since
  • We remove and wreck vehicles of all brands and models
  • We follow all safety guidelines and dispose of the vehicles on the same day
  • While disposing of scrap cars, we comply with all the local rules or norms
  • We only take the best approaches while disposing of vehicles
To get your car removed by the best car wreckers in Sydney, get in touch with us without delay.
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