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Free Car Disposal Services in Canberra

The more you keep your scrap or junk vehicle on your property, the more health hazard it will cause. This occurs due to the emission and evaporation of chemicals and other similar substances from the surface of the vehicle. On top of that, mould growth on your car’s surface also contributes to sickness and allergies since they can get into the air easily and into your body when you breathe the air. So, it is always best to get rid of your junk car, and to do that, book an appointment with Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd since we offer free car disposal services in Canberra.

To remove your car safely, we will use the right tow trucks. These vehicles are driven by our expert drivers. They safely remove scrap cars from properties following the local rules.

Convenient Car Disposal Services

If convenience is what you require out of a car disposal service in Canberra, you can put your faith in us. We prepare paperwork for vehicles, give the cash on the spot, and take extra care when removing junk cars to prevent chemical or oil spillage which can cause environmental hazards. Moreover, our drivers attentively tow vehicles and bring them to our location where we wreck them and dispose of the unwanted parts using eco-friendly procedures after recycling the usable components.

As one of the reputable car wreckers, we perform car disposal methodically, following and complying with the local guidelines to keep carbon emissions down.

Why Choose Our Canberra Car Disposal Services?

To dispose of your car in Canberra, connect with us since we are the ultimate choice.
  • We wreck and remove cars of various models and brands
  • We dispose of vehicles on the same day following all safety guidelines
  • We use eco-friendly methods to dispose of scrap vehicles
  • We follow the best car disposal practices to protect the environment
So, get your car disposed of by the best wreckers by giving us a call.

Some FAQs Related to Our Canberra Car Disposal Service

How do you dispose of cars?
We dispose of your vehicle after taking out the components that are still working. Also, we remove old oils and a few other parts before starting the wrecking process to minimise environmental impact.What vehicle disposal guidelines do you follow?
The rules vary from place to place. Nevertheless, we follow the one that applies to your area.How do you recycle the components in vehicles?
We sell off the parts that can be used. The demand for these parts is high since owners of old vehicles have to struggle with finding the appropriate car replacement parts.
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To schedule a vehicle disposal service from Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, call us now and we will reach your place to initiate the process.