Car Disposal Newcastle

Quick & Convenient Car Disposal in Newcastle

A brand new car with a gleaming shine standing at the forefront of your home not only raises the glory of your property but gives a positive vibe. On the contrary, an abandoned vehicle parked in your garage is a financial burden and liability. When your car is of no longer use or loses roadworthiness, it’s not wise to preserve it and block space. Instead, opting for car disposal in Newcastle is a better alternative to get rid of your useless junk and maximise space.When it comes to car removal, most car owners take a back seat considering the time and strenuous effort involved throughout the process. If you have the same misconception, put an end to it as we offer eco-friendly car disposal without making you break a sweat! Getting rid of damaged, accidental, flood-damaged or scrap vehicles is easier with us as we follow industry guidelines and latest practices. Additionally, we keep ourselves abreast of market rates and pay highest cash what your vehicle truly deserves.

Free Car Valuation & Same-day Car Removal

It’s difficult to ascertain the exact value of old cars for a novice. If your car is a treasured possession from ancestors, it’s practically impossible to estimate the present resale value without expert’s help. But professional car evaluators charge hefty dollars and that’s why clients prefer hiring us for free car valuation. Without knowing your car’s wrecking value, you can’t sell off your vehicle. To help you in the process, we arrive at your premises for car inspection and offer car disposal services in Newcastle with least environmental impact.

How Car Removal Services Work?

To get a quick quote for your junk car, you need to fill up our online form furnishing every detail of your vehicle. If there are scratches, dents or deformities, highlight them as well for fair valuation. Furnishing us with the necessary details will help you get the true worth of your car. We are prompt, proactive in our approach and offer free towing to make car removal a pleasing experience.

Why Should You Dispose Your Wrecked Car?

We are all fond of cars, but knowing when to dispose of your vehicle is necessary to prevent environmental degradation. Junk cars emit toxic fumes and release obnoxious fluids which pollutes the soil. So the moment your car loses roadworthiness or is no longer safe for use, you should hire junk car buyers for quick car disposal. Driving such a vehicle can be a life risk if your car is beyond repairs. Therefore, it’s wise to turn your scrap car into quick cash by hiring a car disposal service.At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, we keep the environmental aspects in mind and follow a holistic approach to free car disposal services in Newcastle. Our car removal process includes the following:

  • All fluids are released and removed from cars that are potentially harmful to the environment.
  • Our auto haulers dismantle functional car parts that can be put to use and make them available to buyers looking for genuine auto parts.
Hassle-free Car Disposal & Same-Day Payment
Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd is a single point contact for seamless and hassle-free old car disposal. Regardless of the roadworthiness, registration details or condition, we pay handsome cash for old cars and get your old car disposed off in no time. Our auto dismantlers offer free pick up and removal from anywhere in Newcastle and provide green car recycling at your convenient place and time.
Junk car removal has never been so easy but we make it a stress-free endeavour with our professional approach. If you are in need of urgent cash, don’t delay hiring free car disposal services in Newcastle for same-day cash payment.