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Free Car Disposal Services in Brisbane

A scrap vehicle that is lying on your property for years can be very harmful to health since it emits injurious chemicals. Moreover, bacterial growth on the surface of your vehicle can easily get into the air and cause allergies. So, it is always best to dispose of the scrap car in your garage or anywhere on your property. But if you are concerned about the safe disposal of the vehicle, connect with us at Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd today since we offer completely free car disposal services in Brisbane. Here, our professionals will methodically remove the old and unwanted cars from your property.

To remove scrap vehicles, we always use the right equipment. On top of that, to carry your vehicle away, we use our state of the art towing vehicles. They are operated and driven by our expert drivers. Therefore, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be towed away without causing any damage to your property.

Step By Step Car Disposal Process

Our car disposal service in Brisbane stands out from the rest since we keep the environmental impact in mind. Your car will emit harmful substances not only when it is lying around but also when it is removed. So, we first inspect your vehicle to plan the removal process. After that, we carefully attach the vehicle with our tow truck and recheck everything before beginning the removal process. Finally, after we bring your vehicle to our place, we will wreck the unwanted components using a procedure that does not generate carbon.

Disposing of a vehicle requires patience and persistence. Not every provider can accomplish it, and this is where we at Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd stand out. We have the experience required to dispose of scrap vehicles, and we do it with care. So, if you want to get your vehicle disposed of, you can put your trust in us.

Reasons to Choose Our Brisbane Car Disposal Service

Book an appointment with Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd to dispose of your car in Brisbane since
  • We remove and wreck vehicles of all brands and models
  • We dispose of vehicles safely and on the same day
  • We follow all safety guidelines when disposing of vehicles
  • We use specific procedures during disposal to minimise carbon emission
We will reach your place on time with our towing vehicles. After that, we will inspect your car and remove it carefully.
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