How to Discard a Non-Drivable Junk Car?

When a car becomes obsolete and declared written off, it’s best to dispose it in an eco-friendly manner instead of preserving it in the yard. Regular exposure to humidity, rain and moisture wrecks havoc on car parts and before they turn into total scrap, you may look for feasible ways to part with your vehicle. When you no longer can drive your car, it doesn’t mean it has lost its value. A dead car can still help you earn cash if you sell it to car wreckers in Perth.

Here’s how you can get rid of a non-drivable car while still making the most out of it. Stay glued.

Access the Condition of Your Scrap Car


Is your car worth being claimed as junk? Before parting with your vehicle, analyse the extent of damage and understand what you want to do with it. You may visit a mechanic to ascertain the current market value of your vehicle or hire car removals in Perth to make quick money at the convenience of your home. If it’s still drivable, you can still make good money, but if your vehicle is beyond repairs, there’s no point in blocking space unnecessarily.

Make Out How You Can Get Rid of Your Vehicle


If you are wondering how to get rid of your abandoned car, there are multiple options. However, it will depend upon your convenience and the amount you require. Private selling may seem a lucrative option, however, it won’t help you yield the desired cash as expected. Besides, the process is costly and time-consuming. Opting for scrap cars removal in Perth can help you make the most of your obsolete vehicle and free up space with the least hassle. For people who want to save their time and effort involved in private selling, scrapping is an ideal choice to go for.

Trade in Your Vehicle


Perhaps a quick way to discard a used vehicle is to take it to local dealers for trading. They usually access the value and give you a quote irrespective of whether you accept it or decline it. However, some dealerships initiate the process only if you are planning to buy a new car. They will simply adjust the price of your scrap car from the value of your new car and make a deal. You may also sell your vehicle independently by complying with the following steps:

  • Do thorough market research and set a price
  • Arrange necessary paperwork, which usually includes Title of Ownership, Sale Agreement, Log Book etc
  • Take pictures of your vehicle from all angles and create an ad.
  • Enlist your car online and search for potential buyers.

Although the above steps are good to go, however, it can eat your valuable time and put you under stress. Thus, the best way to avoid the hassle is by hiring scrap cars removal service in Perth.

Sell Junk Car Parts for Quick Cash


Often, the value of individual car parts are more than the total price of the car. Some popular car parts that buyers look for include:

  • Electronic Fittings
  • Tyres & Rims
  • Windshields

This is indeed great news for scrap car owners. When the motor fails, or there’s a mechanical issue, it doesn’t make sense to invest hefty dollars in repairs. It’s financially wise to sell workable components to genuine buyers and earn instant cash with scrap cars removal in Perth.

Is your junk car blocking space? At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, we make car removal a breeze using proven techniques. Our auto dismantlers perform vehicle inspections and offer fair valuations that can enhance your car selling experience. Schedule a free car pick-up today and earn instant cash!