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4 Most-valuable Metals to Scrap for Top Cash

Scrap metals may apparently seem of no value, but it is a myth that needs to be broken. On the contrary, some scrap metals are of excellent value, enough to even meet your financial emergencies.


Well, yes! These metals, if sold to the right hands,e.g. to a dealer offering car removal in Perth, can give you some good cash for the exchange. So before you decide to throw away some of the below-mentioned metals, give it a thought.

For now, go through the following list of metals that can give you top cash:


A metal that is even worth good money dead, copper is found in numerous places at home. You can find scrap copper lying about in your kitchen (sinks and pipes), bathroom (plumbing fixtures), and even in old wires. When some plumbing work has been completed, generally, the homeowners tend to throw away the scrap metal pipes, not knowing how much value they are worth in the scrapyard. So the next time there is some plumbing work at your home, remind yourself to sell the scrap copper instead of throwing it away.


Okay, so this is one of the most valuable metals that you can scrap for good money. And it is so widely available, right? You can find aluminium in everything, from soda cans to that old car in your garage. Most vehicles are made of aluminium parts, including the aeroplane. If you have an old, junk car in your garage, know that it is a treasure trove for this valuable metal. In that case, you can contact the unwanted car removal service in Perth and get good cash for that junk.


Another metal of extremely good value, lead can be found even in your pencil. Wait! We are not asking you to sell your pencil, because it will not give you a single dollar in exchange, LOL! However, you can get a good amount of lead from antiques, junk pieces of furniture, lamp fixtures, paint cans, etc. If you notice something like that, do consider selling it to a reliable scrap dealer instead of throwing away.

Stainless Steel

You can find this metal in old microwaves, refrigerators, and other home appliances. As a corrosion-resistant metal, it also finds a range of applications in developing car parts. So again, if you have an old car, sell it off to a trusted scrap cars removal services in Perth and make some good cash. However, do not forget to clean the scrap metal before selling, as it will help you get the best value if the metal is grease-free.

It doesn’t matter what metal you are selling, to be honest. If you have an old computer, or some other appliances at home, learn its scrap value before throwing it away. And old cars are probably the most valuable assets in a scrapyard. Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd deals in such scrap vehicles that you have sitting idly in your garage. Call 0474 009 009 our team and let us inspect your junk car to set a price for it. Our services for car removal in Australia can assure you the best value for your piece of junk. Have any queries? Do contact us as soon as possible.