Unwanted Cars Removal Perth

Same Day Unwanted, Scrap Car Removal Service in Perth

If you have an unwanted, old, scrap car in your garage, bleeding fuel and in the verge of causing an eco hazard that should be the reason enough for you to lose your night sleep. But don’t, if you are in Perth – for you have Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd around. With a mission to provide the earliest solution to our customers, and with a vision to leave them content to the fullest, we offer same day old car removal service in Perth paying instant cash that the customers truly deserve for their old car.

Comprehensiveness and simplicity have always been the hallmarks of our scrap cars Removal service in Perth ever since we started our endeavour. When you summon us, we do whatever it takes for you to do with the entire process in a jiffy.

How Simple is our Unwanted Car Removal Service in Perth?

All you need to do is to call us up to state the condition of your vehicle. Based on whatever information you provide, our experts will come up with a rough quote. Once you oblige and fix an appointment, our unwanted car removal experts in Perth will turn up, inspect your vehicle and pay the price that you truly deserve for the vehicle – right there and tow away with the vehicle immediately.

It’s as simple as that.

  • No needless wait
  • no cumbersome paperwork
  • no broken promise
  • no dissatisfied soul over the price paid
Besides, our same day removal of junk cars in Perth also includes eco-friendly dismantling and recycling of the car at no extra cost.

We have in our fleet some impeccably maintained tow trucks that are driven by the best locals, who know how to tow away old, junk, redundant cars in an eco-friendly way.

We tow away cars that are old, junk and unused, and the ones that have been deemed unfit and outdated to ply. We also tow away flood and accident-damaged vehicles.

What are the USPs of our Scrap Cars Removal Service in Perth?

Our old car removal Service Perth comes with a number of benefits. When you put stakes in us, you can be sure of enjoying the service of a fully insured company with licensed and bonded specialists.

We are home to some of the most qualified and experienced auto removal experts and car wreckers in Australia, with access to the latest tools and technology.

We are transparent in approach and we offer a comprehensive junk cars removal service in Perth that entails removal of every type of vehicle, regardless of their type, make, model, age and condition.

Our Perth Old Car Removal Service entails ‘everything’

At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd we tow away whatever vehicle you have in your garage.

Our old car removal service in Perth entails removal of:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Cars (including sedans, SUVs, 4WDs)
  • Vans and Trailers
  • UTEs
  • Buses
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