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Accident-damaged Vs Old Car- Which Can Fetch a Better Price?

The cash that you can get from a car depends on various factors. But today, we will focus on which vehicle can give you a better price. Is it an accident-damaged car or an old car? As you might have guessed already that the price primarily depends on the overall condition. But apart from this, there are other factors as well, which we will look at here. This will help you choose the best wreckers near you, if you are in Adelaide.

Condition of the Outer Surface of the Car

The first point that typically impacts cash for cars in Adelaide is the condition of the outer surface of both types of vehicles.

If the outer surface of an accident-damaged car is beyond repair, which is the usual scenario, you can expect a moderate price for it. However, if wreckers find that the outer surface can be repaired and the car can be sold again, there is a chance that you will get a good price for your vehicle.

On the other hand, the price of your old car will depend on the colour condition, scratches, chips and dents on the outer surface. The lower these are, the better price you will receive from wreckers.

Condition of the Internal Components

The next factor that affects the condition of accident-damaged and old cars is the condition of their internal components. If the internal components are in recyclable condition, you will get a good price from the car wreckers in Adelaide. But if they are not, rest assured that you can expect a moderate price for your car. However, professional wreckers pay the standard price for vehicles even without recyclable components since metal is extracted from them.

How Well is the Car Maintained

The third point that will determine the value of your old or accident-damaged car is how well it is maintained.

Even if you have a classy old car that works but is not cleaned, you might not get a good price since expression matters. On the other hand, if you have an accident-damaged vehicle that does not work well but you have still kept it well-maintained, you can expect a good price out of it.

Car Model

Do you have a rare old car model? Rest assured that you will get good cash for cars in Adelaide for it since these models are highly demanded by collectors. However, as mentioned already, the price will also depend on how you have maintained the vehicle. This principle applies to a newer car as well, which is accident-damaged. Though the car cannot be used anymore or collectors will not be able to keep them for display, their parts will be useful to owners. For this reason, wreckers pay good cash depending on their models.

To get top cash, make sure that you are selling your vehicle to reputable Adelaide car wreckers.

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