Cash For Unwanted Cars

What Paperwork Do You Need to Get Cash for an Unwanted Car?

One of the main reasons behind putting stakes in services that pay cash for unwanted cars is that these companies would pay instant cash, right on the spot and will remove the cars in question immediately. As such, these companies are fast and prompt and would deliver same day service car removal service. Besides, they are adored because of another reason – they would demand minimum paperwork. However, that does not mean these companies would need no paperwork at all! They DO need ‘some’ paperwork, and on this page, we discuss them for your perusal.

When you hire a cash car removal service, you must abide by the law. Thus, you need to keep certain documents handy when you sell off your scrap car to one of those services that pay for cash for cars in Perth.

As it is implied your scrap car cannot be driven away. It has to be officially adjudged ‘scrap’ by a professional, certified insurer. Or it has to be officially ‘written off’ by the relevant authorities. In either case, there has to be genuine documents supporting the precise ‘status’ of your car from the authority.

Registration Information 

This is another very important document that you need to possess, when you are selling off your car. There is a thumb rule that states, as a precaution against car thefts, and stolen car trade, every scrap car has to thoroughly furnish their registration information. In case you are unable to identify as a registered operator, you are unable to scrap your vehicle.

Other necessary Documents

Now let us get to the most complicated part that you face when you opt to sell your old car to those who pay cash for unwanted cars in Perth. The point here is that every Australian state has a distinctive set of rules and regulations. Perth, in Western Australia is no exception.

However, the professional wreckers from the car removal companies will guide you through all these technical nitty-gritty. These professionals are fully equipped to deal with all the necessary documents. All you need to do while selling off your car is to provide the registration information along with the following list of documents:

  • The name and address of the operator of the registered vehicle
  • The driver licence number of the operator of the vehicle or the serial number of the vehicle
  • The registration number plate of the vehicle
  • The model and type your vehicle
  • The date of the accident, if the reason for writing off of your vehicle is an accident.

And you do not have to worry about the model. These professionals would buy scrap cars of every make and model of cars. Thus, if you have an old Honda car you can sell it to a reputable company as it pays cash for Toyota cars in Perth as well.

So you see, selling an old car is not that difficult if you know the way and the minimal documents you need. Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd is the best name to sell your unwanted car to, if you are in and around Perth. Call us at 0474 009 009 to book an appointment. Or you can write to us at for further details.