What Are the Tools Used by Auto Wreckers?

The primary objective of hiring cash for a car removal company is to get rid of your old, scrap car and get the best cash for it. However, while from the customers’ end, the buck ends there, for the auto wreckers in Perth, it starts. In fact, they will tow away the car to their junkyard and dismantle and recycle it. Now, when it comes to recycling and dismantling old, scrap cars, there has to be involvement and use of the appropriate tools that will not only fasten up the process but will also ensure that the service does not have any adverse effect on the environment. 

On this page, let us discuss the tools used by Perth auto wreckers during the dismantling and recycling of cars. 

Ratchets, Wrenches, and sockets

For professional auto wreckers, a metric socket set is a MUST HAVE, plus the wrenches that will hold the bolt on each side of the parts to be dismantled, or for the spots where the sockets are not that deep. Though there is no hard and fast rule in regards to the size of the metric socket, the  ½, ¼, ⅜ inch drive sockets are generally used by the experts of the companies offering cash for cars in Perth for dismantling your car. These sockets, wrenches, and ratchets would help in dismantling a wide range of tiny and not-so-big electronics and other stuff and other suspension components. 


It goes without saying that when things come down to dismantling a car, you need to pull various components of the car. However, that has to be done in a cautious way. That is why the experts would need some flexibility by using various forms of extensions to have access to the difficult fasteners and pull them out. 

The Hammer and the Pry Bar

These tools are used to apply brute force. To state blatantly, they are used to bang on hard on things that are broken loose and dismantled. 

Electric Impact Gun 

These electric impact guns are used to break free of a tight spot and exert some extra torque to let loose the tight spot. 

Penetrating Liquids

This is yet another very handy element, which is used by experts offering cash for unwanted cars in Perth to unstick the frozen bolts. 

The Screw and the Nut Drivers 

Again, this is an excellent tool that is used to remove the tightly stuck nuts and bolts, they pose the stiffest challenge in the way of dismantling old and scrap cars. 

While these are the most important tools that are used by the experts of companies who provide  cash for junk cars in Perth, there are other secondary tools used as well. 

Some of the most eminent tools that are used by these experts include, locking pliers and needle-nose pliers, adjustable pliers, diagonal cutters, and the hacksaw. 

Then the payers of cash for scrap cars in Perth would use specially fabricated gloves, safety glasses as penlights, and a wide range of specialty tools. 

That’s why you need to hire the best auto wreckers in Perth like Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd who use all these tools for the eco-friendly and safe dismantling of cars. Call us for an appointment.