What Affects the Price of Junk Trucks in Sydney?

Most people believe that obsolete trucks yield no good returns apart from its parts, but this is far from the truth. Old trucks scrapped on time to truck wreckers in Sydney immensely help free space and instantly get quick cash. However, most truck owners neglect removing their junk trucks and thus, compromise on the resale value of their vehicle. Leftover junk trucks depreciate over time due to weather conditions, non-maintenance and preserving them for years further abases the components. This blog gives a brief insight into the factors that mostly affect the price of junk trucks. Give a quick read.

Year of Manufacture, Make & Model

  • The first and foremost factor that affects the price of junk trucks is the year of manufacture. If your truck has been rigorously driven or the demand for parts is high, you can undoubtedly expect handsome cash for trucks.


  • With rapid technological advancement, truck parts also get upgraded, so the make and model significantly impact the resale value.

  • Some outdated trucks may contain less aluminium and steel, which may also affect the vehicle’s scrap value.

Prevailing Rates of Scrap Metal

This aspect may seem negligible but goes a long way into determining the selling price of a junk truck by truck wreckers in NSW.

Existing Condition of Trucks

The existing condition of a truck greatly impacts the buying decision. If your vehicle has minor issues that are preventing it from running smoothly, you can easily get handsome cash for unwanted trucks by auto wreckers in Sydney. Negligible truck damages can be repaired anytime, and this won’t prevent you from getting the expected price.

Demand for Truck Parts

If your old truck isn’t worthy enough for refurbishing, it’s better not to expect a good price at the time of selling your junk. However, if some truck components are operational and the demand for them is also high, you can expect fair returns as per the prevailing market rates during truck removals in Sydney.

Functional & Non-Functional Truck Parts

Understanding what you can scrap and what you can’t is important to make truck scrapping a pleasing experience. Your local truck buyers in Sydney may not accept every piece of your useless junk if the parts are beyond repairs or reuse. The reason is, when failed truck parts contain more than one type of a particular metal, it becomes challenging to extract and dismantle each failed component. This type of specialised truck wrecking requires skilled auto dismantlers and thus, before heading to a local junkyard, give a call to the used truck buyers and discuss the particular type of truck materials you want to scrap. It will expedite old truck removals in Sydney and help you get an idea of the expected resale value.

Quality of Scrap Metal

An important aspect to consider during old truck scrapping is the quality of steel. If the steel is contaminated with insulation or corrosion, getting a lower price for scrap metal during unwanted truck removals in Sydney wouldn’t be a surprise. This is mainly because junk truck dealers need to do the hard work of cleaning each scrap metal meticulously and removing insulation for re-selling. If you expect a fair price for your scrap metal, it’s important to ensure the metal is of high-quality.

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