The Story of Your Car Following Its Same Day Removal

If you have an old, scrap car in the garage of your Perth home, your job is done once you have sold it away to a service that offers cash for cars in Perth and received the cash for it. But the task of the auto wreckers starts from there. Your car is now a junk of metal that has lost its value and quality over time. Hence, it is now time to either recycle it or dump it in the auto wrecking yard. However, with the landfill constantly on the rise, it is perhaps wiser to recycle the car following your handover to the cash for car buyers.

On this page let us discuss the different stages your car will go through following the handover.

Removal/Towing away: The first step is obviously towing away your car by the truck for free. Generally, old, scrap cars are removed free of cost.

Dismantling: The next step is all about dismantling the car at the scrap car at the scrap yard. This involves use of heavy machines as well as tools that are specifically meant to dismantle all four-wheelers.

While dismantling your car, the wreckers will pick up the spare parts that are still running and send them to the used auto parts section, from where these used, refurbished parts are sold at a lower price.

How does the entire process of dismantling the old, scrap car work? 

The old car dismantling process followed by these car wreckers is a rather elaborate method. The wreckers will at first collect your old car through same day car removal in Perth, tow it away to the junkyard and start dismantling it

The entire process is divided into three steps: 

Step 1 – Inspection: In this stage the vehicle is at first checked before it is dismantled. All the fluids, the fuel, the coolant, the brake oil are syphoned off from your car. Once that is done, the experts will inspect for the spare parts of your car that are still functional. They will take these components out and repair and refurbish them in a proper way, so that they can be used. Next, they would separate the metal parts that are in good shape, so that they can be reused. Next, they will separate the metal parts that will have to be recycled. After all these steps have been done, your car is now ready to be dismantled and crushed.

Step 2 – Dismantle: As the name suggests, this step is all about crushing the car. In fact, this is the only way the residue metals can be treated. These metals are recycled to make a lot of other things. The wreckers would use large machines for crushing the cars.

Step 3 – Sending the functional parts to the used auto part section: This is all about dealing with the used spare parts that are refurbished and are bought as used car components at a much reduced price.

So, these are the steps your old car will go through when you sell it to Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd. Call us today to get an online quote or write to us to know more about us.