Car Wreckers Perth

Secrets That Only Reputable Car Wreckers Can Reveal

You tend to sell your old car to the wreckers in your neighbourhood for some cash as and when it turns out to be a liability rather than an asset. However, before you do that, you need to bank on the best of the wreckers. Make sure they are reputable enough to tow away your car in an eco-friendly way and use the latest tools and techniques to dismantle it. The idea is to make sure your car never contributes to carbon footprint. Another advantage of hiring the best car wreckers in Perth is that they will reveal certain secrets that you need to know before selling off your car for some cash. Let us get into the details.

They will uncover the real issues of your car

Reputable service providers who pay cash for cars comprise highly experienced technicians, including professional automobile mechanics. As and when these professionals inspect your vehicle, it is likely that they will diagnose the precise problem that has knocked your car beyond repair. They are likely to locate some worn-out as well as faulty or broken spare parts that have caused the ‘death’ of your car. They will be able to explain the entire scenario of your car’s ‘demise’ and will also disclose how they will dismantle your car in a safe, eco-friendly way. These professionals offering cash for cars in Perth will also tell you how they will remove the spare parts and how they will deal with them.

These highly knowledgeable experts will comprehensively explain why it will be best to recycle your car and salvage the still-usable spare parts. This will help you determine whether the price that you have received from them truly justifies the condition of your scrap car.

They will reveal the risk of retaining a damaged or scrap vehicle 

Generally, vehicle owners get rid of their vehicles after a long time. An emotional bond that they grow with their cars keeps them from getting rid of the vehicles at the drop of a hat! However, that is not a very wise step to take. These professionals, who represent companies that pay cash for old cars in Perth, would explain to you in detail the risk that is associated with retaining these vehicles for too long. They will also explain to you the benefits that you will enjoy as and when you get rid of the vehicles at the earliest.

With immense knowledge and experience in the automobile industry, they will help you with the health and environmental hazards that are associated with retaining a rotting vehicle in your garage.

They will reveal how they reuse or dump the spare parts

One of the most notable advantages of hiring a reputable auto wrecking company is that they will operate in an ‘organic’ way. In other words, from towing to dismantling and recycling your car, they will make sure it never contributes to the carbon footprint. And the most important thing is that they will reveal how they actually work in an eco-friendly way. They will explain the entire process of scrapping, refurbishing, recycling, and disposing of every auto part and component. They would also explain how they get rid of useless auto parts without actually harming the environment.

We at Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd do the same, and it is this transparency that makes us such an adored name in the industry. Call us at 0474 009 009 or write to us at for an appointment or an online free quote.