Questions You Must Ask a Leading Auto Wrecker?

Are you looking forward to getting rid of your old, scrap car this Christmas, that has been lying idle in the garage of your Sydney residence? Well, you will find a number of car wreckers in Sydney that will purchase your old, scrap car. But you cannot choose them randomly. You need to ask them a few questions before finalizing one. On this page, let us discuss the questions you need to ask.

How experienced and reputable are you? 


This is the first and foremost query that you need to have in regard to auto wreckers in Sydney. You must ask about the reputation and experience of the wreckers. An experienced auto wrecker is generally more than familiar with the NSW laws pertaining to the removal and towing of an old car. So they will ensure that they do not violate the laws and ensure an eco-friendly towing of your old scrap car. Moreover, being reputable will help as in their pursuit to live up to their reputation, the company will pay you the price of the car that you rightfully deserve. 

What recycling policy do you follow? 


Quite obviously, you would only and only like to sell your car to an auto wrecker that follows an eco-friendly recycling mechanism. Remember, your scrap car is the source of a number of pollutants. Thus, when it comes to carrying out recycling of your car and car components, auto wreckers have to be conscious enough to ensure that your car does not leave any carbon footprint. 

Do you provide same-day towing service? 


At times, less reputed auto wreckers make you wait before they tow away the car, just because they do not have any vehicle of their own and have to hire one. And they have to wait for the van’s availability. However, when you hire a reputed and competent service, they will always offer you same-day tow-away service. Thus, you must ask the business that pays you cash for old Utes in Sydney, whether they offer same-day service. 

Is the towing free? 


This is another question to ask in regard to towing. Every reputed company would come up with free towing. Yet, there are a few, which charge an extra fee for towing. Keep these service providers at bay. 

How much will you pay for my car? 


When it comes to paying for your car, a reputed company offering cash for scrap Utes in Sydney will pay you the price that you rightfully deserve for your car. Thus, before you put stakes on a scrap car removal company, you must ask about the price they will pay you. 

How much will you pay for my old car? 


This is one of the most important questions to ask. These service providers would offer the best, on-the-spot cash for the old vehicles. Ideally, they will take into account the make and model of the car, its condition, and its age. Thus, you need to ask on which basis will the company pay you for the car. Also, do not forget asking the documents you might be needing to provide while selling. 

Thus you see, there are so many questions to ask these wreckers. If you are in and around Sydney, Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd is the best name to call