Old and Unwanted Car Price Determination Methods That Wreckers Use

Getting a good price for your car is easy if you are in Brisbane due to the presence of several wreckers. Moreover, their competition will help you get good cash and even same day removals for free. But do you know how the wreckers determine the price of your car? If you don’t, this is the right discussion for you. So, let us not delay anymore and delve into the price determination techniques used by the professionals.

  • Make, Model and Year of the Car

Before providing you with the cash for your car in Brisbane, the wreckers will take note of the brand, model and your car’s production year into account. 

Quite naturally, the older your car is, the less will be its price and vice versa. But there is an exception here as well. That is if your car is well-maintained. That is, its internal parts are still working and can be recycled, you can expect a good price.

  • Car Damages (if any)   

The wreckers offering cash, and same-day junk and scrap car removals in Brisbane will inspect whether your car has taken any damage(s) since this is a price determinant. If the body indeed does have damages, the degree of the same can influence the price of your vehicle. However, as mentioned earlier, if the internal components are still working, you can expect handsome cash since these parts can be easily recycled.

  • Internal Components 

When it comes to price determination, all wreckers inspect internal components of a vehicle that is to be sold because they fetch the best price due to their high demand. Some of these parts include your car’s batteries, engine, suspension, etc. 

  • External Components  

The wreckers employed at the company offering old and unwanted car removal services in Brisbane will also check the external parts of your car to determine its price. This is because certain external parts can be recycled and they even fetch a good price such as the vehicle’s tyres, headlights, mirrors, etc.

  • Documents of your Vehicle

Another price determination method that wreckers use before providing the estimate is the documents that you have for your car. 

If you do have them, there is a chance that you will get a better price because the validity of the documents imply that you are the genuine owner of the car.

  • Repairs Done

If you have booked a junk and scrap cars removal service in Brisbane, you can expect that the wreckers will see if you have made any previous repairs to your car. This is another price determination method that they use since the repair, if done properly, can fetch you a good price. 

The repairs can either be internal or external. However, if you have already repaired your car previously, it is better to inform the wreckers before they begin the inspection process.

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