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When you have a car lying around that you want to sell but don’t know anything about the price or the selling procedure, it’s time to contact Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, the no. 1 company providing cash for cars in Hobart. We will inspect your car and provide you with a costestimate. At the same time, we always offer the right price for a car and never a reduced price. For this, we are trusted by all here in Hobart.

Besides cash for cars, we also offer same-day car removal services in Hobart. That means, after selling your car to us, you don’t have to invest in removing it from your property. We will take care of it with our tow trucks on the very day.

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Why We Are the Leading Auto Wreckers in Hobart?

We are experienced auto wreckers in Hobart and stand apart from the rest because we buy cars of all brands and models no matter what their condition is. Additionally, we prepare the paperwork for the selling process to save time. Due to these qualities, our clients always put their trust in us. Besides, our customer-friendliness is another feature that is liked by our clients. Whenever you call us for a quote or suggestion, you can always expect full assistance from our side.

If you are searching for responsible auto wrecking services in Hobart, consider yourself to be in the right place since we recycle the components of the cars after we buy them. Indeed, after we hand over the cash for the car on the spotand bring it to our location,we inspect it and take out the parts that can be reused. This makes it easier for owners of old cars to get replacement components.

Choose the Best Car Wreckers in Hobart to Sell Your Vehicle

If you want to sell your car without any hassle, Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd is the car wrecker in Hobartto meet your needs. Also, we are the best choice for our clients since
  • We offer cash for your car on the spot, and you can always expect the right amount
  • We buy cars of all brands, no matter the model or their year of manufacture
  • We determine the price of your car only after inspecting it thoroughly
  • We take care of the paperwork to make the car selling process easier
  • We will remove the car from your property on the same day after you sell it to us
  • We will safely tow the vehicle from your property
  • We recycle your car components after you sell your vehicle to us
  • We dispose of the remaining parts of your car in eco-friendly ways
To sell your car in Hobart, call us today. But if you have queries, fillup the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.
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