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What can you do with an old van if it’s not roadworthy anymore? Instead of preserving and blocking space, contact Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd for seamless van removal in Hobart and get paid instantly. Vehicles wear and depreciate over time and the best way to dispose them off is by hiring trusted auto dismantlers. If your scrap van has reached the end of its lifecycle, it’s better to wreck your junk against handsome cash for vans in Hobart.

Make a Fortune With Old Van Removals

You may have kept your obsolete van in the garage, considering it scrap, but this useless piece of junk can earn you handsome returns if wrecked on time. Whereas sellers find it difficult to evaluate the price of a useless van, we simplify the process by offering fair valuations. For us, scrap van appraisal is a piece of cake as we have proven skills, and pay a satisfactory amount that your scrap van deserves. Our team consists of licensed wreckers who are well aware of prevailing market rates and offer fair cash for old vans in Hobart instantly.

Same-Day Hassle-Free Van Removal in Hobart

Scrap van removal isn’t child’s play as it requires high-tech tools, tow trucks to dismantle functional parts and take it to a scrapyard for recycling. At Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, we understand the hassle that comes with old van removal and, therefore, comes to your premises to tow it away without any charge. We pick up your accidental van from any location in Hobart and offer fair payments you will hardly receive anywhere else.

We Accept Vans in Any Condition

We buy vans regardless of the age, make and model, even if it’s smashed, broken, or no longer roadworthy. Our auto wreckers will inspect the in and out of your vehicle and remove it for free. Vans in working condition will surely fetch more value, but we pay the highest dollars for obsolete vans too. If it’s high time to sell your unwanted van, make no delay and contact us for quick and convenient junk van removals.

Get Best Price for Your Old Van

When you partner with us, you get the best cash price for your van, unlike nowhere. We pay you the agreed price and don’t charge a single penny extra for pick up or towing. If your van has reached the end of its lifecycle or has become engine-dead, don’t allow it to block space unnecessarily; instead, make quick money by selling your vehicle with us and maximise space.
Reasons to Wreck With Us
  • Licensed and insured wreckers
  • Same-day van pick up
  • Free van removal
  • Hassle-free towing
  • Top-dollar payments
  • Flexible appointments
  • Eco-friendly techniques
  • No hidden fees
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