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Premium Same day Car Removal & Wrecking Services in Brisbane, QLD

Do you have an outdated car at your garage that will be no longer in use? Is your decade-old, scrap car causing eco hazards by bleeding fuel? You need to act immediately. The first and foremost name you need to get in touch with is Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd if you are in Brisbane.

We are home to some of the best Car removal specialists in Brisbane, and we are professional and prompt enough to respond to your urgency and come up with a same day car removal service for some instant cash, which you truly deserve for your old car.

And the most important aspect of our same day car removal service in Brisbane is that we take everything. In other words, we will tow away cars of any make and model, age and condition and will also arrange for an eco-friendly dismantling and removal service at no extra cost.

Our Services

What is the USP of our Car Removal Service in Brisbane?

Simplicity, promptness and transparency are the three cornerstones of our car removal service in Brisbane. You just have to take the trouble of calling us and letting us know the type, make and model of the car, and its condition.

Once we get the info from you, our specialists offering car removals in Brisbane would fix an appointment.

They will have a thorough first hand inspection of your car and pay you the price, in cash, instantly that you rightfully deserve for the car and will tow away the car immediately.

Besides, our service also includes eco-friendly dismantling and recycling of the car at no extra cost.

Thus, when you put stakes on our service that offers cash for cars in Brisbane, you can be more than sanguine that you will get the best price for your old car and a safe, prompt and eco-friendly service that will leave you 100% satisfied.

We ensure:

  • there is no hidden deductions,
  • no needless wait
  • no cumbersome paperwork
  • no broken or failed promise
  • no grievances
It’s a perfect win-win deal at the end of the day and that’s the specialty of our Auto Wrecking Services in Brisbane.

Why our Auto Wreckers in Brisbane are so adored?

Firstly, as one of the successful auto wreckers in Brisbane we are fairly experienced. Besides, we are 100% customer-centric and flexible – always keeping the interest of our customers ahead of everything while keeping in mind our business interests.

Secondly, our service is wholly transparent, with no hidden deduction or unnecessary delays either in towing or in payment of cash.

And most importantly, at Auto Expert Group Pty Ltd, we tow away everything – from cars that are outdated, SUVs that have met with accidents to trucks that are flood damaged and 4WDs that are scrap and beyond repairs.

Thus you see our car wreckers in Brisbane, QLD offer you an all-encompassing service.

The cars we tow away include:

  • SUVs
  • Sedans
  • 4WDs
  • Vans
  • Trucks
Fix an appointment today – get the best price for your old car
Call us today and let us know in details about your car you want to get rid of. Or write to us stating your needs to have the appointment of our experts’ visit fixed.